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AirMagnet Survey

AirMagnet Survey

"Design and deploy wireless LANs for optimal performance, security and compliance"

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At a Glance


  • 802.11a/b/g/n and 4.9 GHz site surveying of indoor and outdoor networks

  • Measures real-world uplink/downlink performance with industry’s only active and Iperf surveying capability

  • RF Spectrum analysis option to measure and locate interference sources

  • 802.11n coverage maps for operating mode, channel width and network performance

  • Built-in expertise for capacity planning and verification of WLAN designs

  • Built-in verification tool for wireless voice readiness and optimization

  • Customized reports for network coverage and performance

  • Seamless integration with AirMagnet Planner


Product Capabilities

AirMagnet Survey is the industry's most accurate WLAN design and deployment solution for optimal performance, security and compliance. AirMagnet Survey stands apart from other market solutions by enabling enterprises to collect live signal, packet and spectrum data during their site surveys. This allows enterprises to simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible—with the most accurate depiction of a real-world user experience-which ultimately results in a better performing network.

AirMagnet Planner integrates seamlessly into AirMagnet Survey to provide accurate planning and deployment of any WLAN. AirMagnet Survey is available in two versions: “AirMagnet Survey Express” offers a lighter version of the solution that allows users to perform the basics of Wi-Fi site surveying with ability to map out signal, noise and even user performance. “AirMagnet Survey PRO” extends those capabilities found in the Express version and adds powerful, industry-defining features including 802.11n deployments, multi-floor deployments, outdoor surveys, network design verification, voice readiness verification and surveys, RF spectrum analysis, and many more.

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Promega - Réseaux hautes performances

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