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Netflow Sflow Monitoring

Netflow Sflow Monitoring
H5 Audits

"The range of H5-Flow appliances lets network administrators maintain 100% network visibility while the monitored traffic is constantly increasing. The H5 software works identically on all H5 appliances."

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H5-Flow range

The model only depends on the number of interfaces of IP switching flows that the administrator wants to observe: from 50 to 200 interfaces for the H5-Flow-Ent (Enterprise) appliance and up to 500 interfaces for the H5-Flow-DC (Data Center) appliance.

H5-Flow-Ent, 50-200 interfaces, for SMBs, Enterprises.

H5-Flow-DC, 500 interfaces, pour Datacenters.

Real-time collection of the network’s NetFlow and/or SFlow records

The main function of the H5-Flow unit is the real-time collection of the network’s NetFlow and/or SFlow records. Many types of active devices have the capacity to extract certain information from the application network flow such as the number of packets and bytes transmitted by the server, client and application. It is also possible to configure the network devices to format and send this information to the H5-Flow appliance in accordance with two de facto industry standards: NetFlow and SFlow.

The H5-Flow appliance collects these records, stores them, and aggregates them in a database in real time. The information network flow can be viewed and used at any time by the network teams through performance indicators, web reports, or alarms generated when the threshold is exceeded in the same application environment as other H5 Appliance monitoring appliances, with ergonomics specific to the H5-Dock system.

All-in-one upgradable architecture of the H5 Appliance

Based on the all-in-one upgradable architecture of the H5 Appliance, H5-Flow is designed with the same philosophy as the IP probes like a fully autonomous plug-and-play system. The H5-Flow appliances use the same software modules as other systems of the H5-Appliance range: the H5-Dock Java rich client is used by engineers and the Help Desk with the same ergonomics and features in their alert, diagnosis and analysis missions. The managers will connect to the same web reporting portal to view automatic reports and alerts ordered by period.


An effective all-in-one multi-service solution, H5 Appliance allows all IT teams to access the data. The H5-Dock real-time Java interface allows network engineers to analyze data on demand; the Web reporting portal allows managers to consult available reports at all times; the SNMP or email alerts allow the Help Desk to be immediately notified of an incident or abnormal situation.


The H5-Dock Java client is the user interface designed for network engineers. Once downloaded from the appliance, it remotely connects to its database and dynamically displays tables and graphs containing the values of metrics for the detected or configured network objects.

H5-DockH5-Dock can display multiple views for exploring the network flows across several geographical areas and time intervals. Powerful tools for data analysis such as the time zooming and drilling make it possible to diagnose isolated traffic anomalies amid thousands of network conversations.

From the H5-Dock, users can run filtered captures upon traffic demand and configure threshold alerts and periodic reports.

Business Dashboards allow the Help Desk and engineers, from the H5-Dock, to load a predefined statistics screen with one mouse click, displaying all the data needed to clarify a particular business context. The H5 system comes with a set of factory-configured business Dashboards, and it is possible to have new ones created through H5 Professional Services Audits. Examples:

  • VoIP performance for the site X (bit rate of RTP channels, MOS, jitter, etc.).
  • WAN link performance (load, who does what, latency measures, potential error rate).
  • Input traffic matrix of the Data Center.
  • List of 5 sites with the worst WAN performances, and more.

H5 Appliance web portal

The H5 Appliance web portal provides a reporting-centered environment for managers by offering periodic reports and their alerts. H5 Appliance’s multi-client/multi-context technology allows a system to be shared by giving competitive and partitioned access to users who belong to different organizations.

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