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Intensive traffic interception

Intensive traffic interception
H5 Audits

"The H5-OAC appliance constantly records all of your network’s traffic data."

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The H5-OAC appliance

The H5-OAC appliance constantly records all of your network’s traffic data. It is also possible to apply input filters in order to target a specific traffic flow or "slice" packets (to keep only the headers, for example) in order to limit the intercepted volume and/or maintain the confidentiality of exchanges. H5-OAC safely stores the data on its drive in the standard "pcap" format as compressed files indexed by date and time according to a configurable fixed period.

Deployed in minutes

H5-OAC can be deployed in minutes, installed on a mirror port of a switch or a network tap. An all-in-one appliance, external and passive, H5-OAC does not require any modification or interruption of the information system.

The secure web interface makes it possible, with one click, to run or schedule a snapshot of a Business Flow defined by a "tcpdump" type filter. The system’s user can define the start and finish date of the capture as well as the size of the offset of the captured packets (the slicing).

H5-OAC meets your needs for intercepting network traffic and diagnosis. If a business network flow raises a contractual issue in case of interruption or degradation of service:

You can continuously record it in order to allow fast inspection of responsibilities.
You can quickly access a specific period in order to conduct a byte-level diagnosis.
You can filter the incoming traffic to carry out a focused analysis.
You can preserve the confidentiality of the exchanges by "slicing" the packets by a configurable offset.


Traces are continuously intercepted in real time, then immediately compressed and securely stored on the hard drive of the appliance without the need for external storage.

The capture files are indexed and sorted by date and time; the oldest are automatically deleted when the volume reaches the security threshold.

At any time, the administrator can consult the traces being captured or archived traces via any analyzer of compatible “pcap” traces by a simple click on the web interface of the H5-OAC appliance.

Traces can also be downloaded to the computer of the administrator or to the business’s NAS.

 Main features:
» Managing the files’ date and time and file time stamping: managing synchronization with an NTP server.
» Automatic management of disk space occupied by capture files.
» Managing and time stamping the captured files in the form of tree structure.
» Capture business traffic flows using a “TCPDUMP” filter.
» Encrypted, secure access to the IHM (SSL).
» Configure the duration of the captured files.
» Remote starting and stopping (Wake on LAN).
» Input filters based on TCPDUMP syntax.
» Slicing function configurable at byte-level.
» Dating of the first capture - start monitoring.

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