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OptiFiber Pro OTDR

OptiFiber Pro OTDR
Fluke Networks

"The First OTDR with a smartphone user-interface, for datacenters"

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OptiFiber® Pro is the industry’s first OTDR built from the ground up to meet the challenges of enterprise fiber infrastructures. This troubleshooting and certification tool combines uncomplicated power, unparalleled efficiency and the exact functions needed for troubleshooting campus, data center and storage fiber networks.

The OptiFiber® Pro OTDR elevates fiber testing with the industry’s only smartphone interface that turns a technician into a fiber expert. The DataCenter OTDR configuration eliminates uncertainty and errors that occur when testing data center fiber. Its ultra-short dead zones enable testing of fiber patchcords in virtualized data centers. These capabilities, plus the fastest-in-the-industry trace times, make the OptiFiber Pro OTDR a must-have tool.



Key Features

Most OTDRs are designed for a myriad of applications, causing the user interface to be difficult to navigate and interpret. OptiFiber Pro combines the latest “gesture-based” interface technology with a capacitive touchscreen to deliver the most innovative and user-friendly OTDR.


  • Single-touch tap and swipe control for selecting and scrolling menu items
  • Multi-touch pinch to zoom for easy magnification control on a graphical fiber trace
  • Task-focused design to reduce back and forth navigation through screens
  • Capacitive touchscreen eliminates the need to recalibrate unlike legacy touchscreens
  • Context sensitive on-screen help that gives users additional details or problem resolution suggestions

Promega - Réseaux hautes performances

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